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Men’s Lingerie – Extraordinary New Undergear

Nucleus Lace Boxer Briefs front view. Stretch polyester lace, Elasticated wide waistband, no central seams, lace gusset.

Apparently Men’s lingerie is having a “moment”, but I don’t think it’s a moment, I believe it’s here to stay and is a long time coming!

This is the era of diversity and inclusion, but why should it be exceptional?  I think men deserve to feel sexy and sensual in day-to-day life as much as women do.  We all know that feeling of putting on a power set of lingerie under our clothes, our little secret makes us feel powerful. 

Why did we decide to design a Men’s Lingerie range?

I’ve already found that a lot of our “women’s” lingerie customers are men, we assume buying for their wives or women in their lives, but I believe that some are buying for themselves.  It’s not just for one kind of sexuality, it’s for ALL men who know the power and beauty of a great pair of briefs or boxers.

Nucleus Men's Lingerie Lace Boxer Briefs front view

Getting rid of old stereotypes regarding Men’s Lingerie

Men’s lingerie is taking off among self-possessed male consumers looking for sexy undergarments that are more gender-expansive than a jockstrap.

When it comes down to it your expression is all that matters, your self-expression is yours only (both male and female) and if you want to wear a lace boxer briefs or any other lingerie then go right ahead. Be a fabulous human, all we want to do is make you feel sexy!

Lingerie is a way of decorating your body.  It’s a beautiful garment that fills you with confidence, no matter who you are or even what size you are. 

Male lingerie is a broad term, it includes many different products, they’re designs that go beyond function and have beauty in their aesthetic.  We need to broaden our view of fashion and masculinity.  Men are starting to look at underwear differently, the way women have for years, as a luxury, as an indulgence and something special that makes them feel awesome.

Doesn’t this now make you think about what others are wearing under?