About Nucleus Clothing in Cape Town

Want to know all about Nucleus clothing? We have been around for the best part of two decades.  Started straight out of Design School by Nicole Rasmussen, it’s what she knows and this is why we are unique.

Made in Cape Town, South Africa from a deep love for the country and its natural beauty.  Being able to see the Mountain and the Sea every day adds a great amount to the peace and creativity felt through each of our garments.

More about Nucleus clothing. We have a retro classic feel and added little quirks, with much pride and thought going into each and every garment’s fit.  We love colour, we love print and good quality.  We believe that you feel your best when you’re comfortable with what you’re wearing.

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All our garments are made in-house by a team of dedicated Seamstresses and Finishers including Nicole.  Nothing is mass-produced, in fact, most of our Nucleus Garments are made to order so that we don’t waste, we care for the environment and you can be sure that detail and care are given to your purchase.

Nicole makes each pattern by hand and grades all the sizes herself.  We believe all sizes are beautiful so we offer most of our garments from a size S to a size 3XL or even 4XL.

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About Nucleus Clothing

Nucleus clothes can last you decades too,  in fact, we still have people asking for their old favourites that are out of production, we try and accommodate special clothing requests like these as often and as much as possible.

We want everyone to own at least one Nucleus garment and get hooked and come back for more.

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