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As I Get Older The Clothing I Wear Matters Most

As I get older the Clothing I wear is even more important by Nicole Rasmussen

I write as I get older and come up to my 47th Birthday I began to wonder where the hell time went. This is my inaugural Nucleus Clothing Blog Post. I’m ageing, I’m not sure I’m ageing gracefully or kicking towards the light. I’ll focus this more on how I feel about myself, my body, my face and my style.

When I was younger I was pretty popular, I had an unusual look and a good body. However, I wasn’t that confident in myself and didn’t know what I projected. Basically, I didn’t know what I had and really didn’t take advantage of it. So teach your children to be confident and self-aware in a good way. It’s one of the best gifts we can give them.

Clothing Design For Older Women in South Africa

As I’ve gotten older I’m Curvier, my face is softer, and I’m less edgy in terms of my dress and my alternativeness. However, I’m more confident mainly because I’ve realised perceptions other people have of me don’t really count. It’s the perception I have of myself that counts. I walk on the beach with all my curves on display, in a bikini and I am far less self-aware than I was when I was a young adult.

As I get older the Clothing I wear is even more important by Nicole Rasmussen
Nicole Rasmussen explains why clothing is important as I get older

My face is getting lines, it’s sagging slightly and I have loads of pigmentation and weird bumps. I’m wearing far less make-up than I used to. Maybe it’s a result of the pandemic and not going anywhere but a few years ago you wouldn’t catch me outside without at least a foundation on. Now I go outside without a stitch. I still like make-up but I’m that woman now that wears a bold red lip (day or night) and feels flipping fantastic. I’m trying to love my face as its beauty changes, I’m not 100% sure I’m succeeding but I am trying.

As I get Older Comfortable Clothing Matters Most

I have slightly given into the grey too. Incorporating it rather than banishing it to the outmost reaches of the galaxy. Mainly since my hairdresser says it’s stubborn and grey will out. I wear my curly hair long. Like in Texas where the higher the hair the closer to god. I wear my hair long because it reminds me that I’m still youthful, a woman and feminine. It’s a pain, an actual pain because when I have to brush it to wash it the noises I make a sound like I’m being tortured. It would be easier to cut it off but it’s my power.

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Now to style and I think what has changed… I used to spend hours putting the perfect outfit together. As I get older, I’m curvier but I still like my Jeans fitted and before I didn’t like dresses I now do. They just need to suit my body as it is now, I ain’t no wolf in sheep’s clothing. Generally now have a uniform in summer. It’s usually our Oh So Easy Kaftan in a variety of prints and plains, I have about five different ones.

As I get older I choose them because I still want to look good, slightly edgy, comfortable and cool but still decent enough for the school run and the other things I have to do for business during the day. They’re worn to friends for lunch, out to lunch at a restaurant and even walking the dog. When you find your one you just know.

So I’m more comfortable in my own skin, I’m happier with myself and I love myself more. I choose things that make me happy and suit my lifestyle and personality, not what people tell me I must choose. I’m an independent, confident and self-loved woman now!

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by Nicole Rasmussen